Finnet Indonesia Collaborating with Reliance Develop RELI.ID

Jakarta (29/4) - PT Finnet Indonesia with Reliance Group together developing RELI.ID applications. Located at the Gran Melia Hotel Jakarta, the signing of this collaboration took place, attended in the event CEO Finnet Bona L Parapat with CMO Finnet Syaiful Rahim, President Commissioner Finnet Rusli Sembiring, Telkom Metra President Director Otong Iip, VP Parenting CFUE Bagyo Nugroho, CEO of Reliance Group Joel Hogarth and Anton Budidjaja and the Senior Group Leaders of the Telkom Group and Reliance Group.  

RELI.ID is an application that has the concept of "integrated one stop service" by presenting better and more complete access to digital financial services for the people of Indonesia. ID in RELI.ID stands for your World Integration. The application that was launched was a collaboration between Reliance Group and Finnet Indonesia, in order to provide convenience for various financial transactions only through one application platform. 

"Thirteen years, Finnet has wanted more than what we have done so far, beyond payment ... beyond platform and we are grateful for some time ago we identified it. There are our aspirations not only as enablers but to participate in doing their business, if we call Finnet internally, FIP (Finance, Investing & Protection) happens to meet investment, protection & financing, "Bona said. "To be a match, the soul has been found, we will develop it together. We are ready to support, our commitment certainly helps Reliance to transform into digital. "

With this collaboration Finnet and Reliance agreed to continue to develop other financial service features that can drive the growth of financial services in Indonesia through the best products from Reliance Group. With ease of transactions and enjoy the best financial service products to complement a better future financial plan.