Finnet With Asosiasi Badan Penyelenggara Perguruan Tinggi Swasta Indonesi Collaborate Develop an Endowment Fund

Jakarta (15/5) - PT Finnet Indonesia signed an MoU with the Asosiasi Badan Penyelenggara Perguruan Tinggi Swasta Indonesia (ABPPTSI). This signing aims to digitize financial services at the University supported by Finnet as the association's strategic association. PT Finnet Indonesia President Director Bona L Parapat and ABPPTSI Chairperson Thomas Suyatno conducted the signing which took place at the Moestopo University Campus and was witnessed by Finnet Business & Marketing Director Syaiful Rahim, Business Sector General Manager and Stefanus Ginting's ABPPTSI Fund and ranks of Finnet and ABPPTSI. 

Stefanus briefly explained the role of ABPPTSI in the field of Education, "According to the Law in Indonesia, higher education institutions must be owned by the Foundation, so there are many associations but we (APBBTSI) are the owners of private universities. In general there are almost 400 to 500 foundations joined in us, "he explained. ABPPTSI was declared December 10, 2003 which has the intention and purpose of gathering the Indonesian Private Higher Education Organizing Agency in one organization and jointly playing an active role in preparing the academic community. 

Finnet and ABPPTSI will first develop Endowment Funds within the Education environment using Finnet's Finbox platform. Endowment Fund or better known as the Endowment Fund is a collection of funds managed by an institution for social goals set by donors (donors) and administrators of the institution. 

Bona L Parapat expressed her gratitude and thanks to ABPPTSI for the opportunity given, "As the Managing Director of PT Finnet Indonesia let me my gratitude to the opportunity given in  this collaboration. Finnet, as one of the subsidiaries of the Telkom Group, has a mandate to promote digitalization in various aspects of the industrial ecosystem, especially in corporations and communities. "Bona said. "In this case we begin this collaboration with how to digitize endowment funds, this opportunity is very good for Finnet to be able to be active in carrying out the mandate given to us. We can do a lot of things next, but I see that the management of endowment funds will be much better if we can do it through digitalization, "he added.