Break Fasting with Finnet, Make Ramadhan values to encourage the spirit of innovation, healthy growth

Jakarta (16/5) - Finnet rendezvous at Break Fasting moment with CEO Finnet Bona L Parapat, CMO Finnet Syaiful Rahim, CFO Finnet Abdul Hadi representative of the Youth Youth Foundation, Al-Kahf Foundation, Rahmatan Lil-Alamin Foundation, Ust Taufik Ismail and Finnet colleagues. "Make Ramadhan values to encourages the spirit of innovation, healthy growth and profitability" is the theme event wich is located at Ruang Serba Guna Bidakara 1. 

Baskoro, who acted as the Chair of the Committee, conveyed the intent and purpose of the open activity with Finnet. "This activity is one of Finnet's forms of gratitude for our achievements so far as well as a place of hospitality for us."  said Baskoro. "The message at Telkom BoD Highlights is how we become good partners for our customers, we also want to make it happen. And this is also a manifestation of the manifestation of our corporate culture. If we have implemented this, Finnet as one of the Telkom Group subsidiaries in the future will become a more advanced company, become the leader in its segment, then with the implementation it will become a more secure company that will benefit the wider community, "he added. 

Ust Taufik Ismail conveyed his speech related to the holy month of Ramadan, he said that the holy month of Ramadhan is the month of Muslims so it is said to be a month full of Blessings. Next activity is the symbolic provision of Educational assistance for the 5 Foundations represented by 3 Foundations. At this moment also the submission of designation Leader SATGAS RAFI 2019 M. Doni Kurniawan and his Deputy Roosdiono.

Finnet's CEO at the end of the session called on the current situation to maintain the unity of the Republic of Indonesia, "Considering the current situation of our nation and country, I hope that friends bring conducive conditions, regardless we have different views. I hope we keep this nation's unity, "said Bona. Bona also expressed his pride to Finnet's colleagues who were fasting because according to him fasting was not easy.