About the Company

PT. Finnet Indonesia was established since October 31, 2005 with 60 % owned by PT. Telekomunikasi Indonesia , Tbk. ( Cq. PT. Multimedia Nusantara ) and Yayasan Kesejahteraan Karyawan Bank Indonesia ( PT Cq.  Mekar Prana Indah ) by 40 %.

Early focus business PT Finnet Indonesia is the provision of IT infrastructure, applications and content to serve needs of information systems and financial transactions for the banking industry and other financial services, in 2006 was a milestone in its business activities started PT. Finnet Indonesia operationally. in collaboration with several partnerships with the BNI for organizing TelkomVision Online payment with Host to Host system. Cooperation with Decillion for Swift Service Beraeu services, Finnet as a local partner remittance services to other countries using swiftnetwork. cooperation with the University of Indonesia to the service in order to register the PIN Generator Students. Entering the year 2007, PT. Finnet Indonesia began to form product portfolio and further expand the cooperation of several partners and utilize the synergies of cooperation Telkom Group. So that in 2008 PT. Finnet Indonesia has successfully developed the expansion of services in the field of various financial transactions in accordance with the progress of technology, the purpose of making payment transactions Finnet able to bring the product in order to create an integrated payment system, with the aim to facilitate the public in a variety of electronic payment transactions, which has a coverage, safe and simple. 2014 PT . Finnet Indonesia have 3 portfolio of businesses which is Bill Payment Aggregator ), Electronic Payment Platform and online payment solutions.

Four year since its establishment (year - 2009) Finnet obtain ISO 9001; 2008 from TUV Rheinland Cert Gmbh in ACA Telkom and in 2010 received ISO 9001, ISO 27001 and PCI DSS for service Electronic Data Capture (EDC) and the Internet Payment Gateway. 

Vision & Mission

Company Vision 

Becoming the leading Indonesian and Global Scale Service Provider Electronic Payment Systems. 

Company Mission 

Providing Services Integrated Solutions Electronic Financial Transactions for the financial sector and other related sectors.

Board of Director and Board of Commissionaire


Assalamu'alaikum Wr.b. Thanks to the almighty, for the gift and his grace which was given to us PT Finnet Indonesia (Finnet).

In addition to our gratitude for all the success we have achieved, we as Managements &

Commissioneries of PT. Finnet Indonesia, continue to strive to always provide the best service and satisfaction to our valued customers. Given the high rate of growth in payment transactions that occur today, we realize the importance of a system that is able to facilitate all types of payments that is more effective and efficient for the users.

Hopefully with our current success, will continue more and more people are using electronic payment transaction services from Finnet. 

( Bona LP Parapat  - President Director  PT Finnet Indonesia )  

Board of Director 

Bona LP Parapat 

President Director

He has served as a Director since March 2018. Previously, he served as EVP Area 4 PT Telkomsel and in the year 2015 to 2018 as Director of Infomedia period 2015 - March 2018.

Born in Jakarta dated May
14, 1969 and completed the Master of Engineering in Univesity of Aucland, NZ.    

Abdul Hadi

Director of Finance & Business Support

Served as Director of Finance & Business Support since March 2015. Prior to joining Finnet, served as AVP Strategic Budgeting & Investment in PT. TELKOM.

Born in Bojonegoro, dated July 20, 1971, completing graduate of Industrial Engineering at the College of Technology Telkom (Telkom University) and Master of Finance from the same university in 2003. 

Syaiful Rahim

Director of Business & Services 

Served as Director of Business & Service since March 2015, he previously served as VP. Development & Infrastructure PT. Finnet Indonesia period 2012-2015, and graduated Master of Sains at the University of Paramadina.
Born in Bandung on 14 April 1974 .  


Board of Commissioner 


Rusli Sembiring


Appointed as President Commissioner since June 2017, previously he served as President Director of PT Mekar Prana Indah from 2014 until May 2017

Born in Karo-Sumut, completing his undergraduate education at the Faculty of Law- Catholic University of Parahyangan, Bandung and S2 at Master of Planning and Public Policy- University of Indonesia, Jakarta. 


Board of Commissioners 

Served as Board Commissioner since March 2018 in addition to that, this time he held positions as SVP Corporate Secretary PT. Telkom Indonesia.
Born in Bukittinggi dated March 3, 1971, he completed the Bachelor in Industrial Engineering, Sekolah Tinggi Teknik Telekomunikasi, Bandung and Magister Management, Universitas Islam Sumatera Utara, Medan, Indonesia, 

Bagyo Nugroho

Board of Commissioners 

Served as President Commissioner since December 2017 besides, he currently holds a structural position as VP Enterprise Parenting Operation PT Telekomunikasi indonesia.

Born in Blitar on April 13, 1965, he completed his bachelor's degree in Tecomunication Technic, ITS Surabaya.

Mirza Budiwan

Board of Commissioners  

Served as Board of Commissioners since June 2014 in addition to that he served as Vice President of Channel Management PT.TELKOMSEL

Born in Belitung dated April 9, 1969 he completed his bachelor's degree in Informatica Technic, Veteran University. 


2006 In 2006, PT Telekomunikasi Indonesia Tbk ( TELKOM ) and Yayasan Kesejahteraan KaryawanBank Indonesia (YKKBI) to form a Joint Venture Company ( JVC ) PT . Finnet Indonesia ( Finnet ) that specifically handles the business portfolio trades Payment Services solution . Cooperation with Bank DKI to build e - ticketing Busway corridor 1 with the name JakCard 
2007 In this year for the first time Finnet started its business as a bill payment Payment Switching to TELKOM 
2008 Finnet licensed APMK (Alat Pembayaran Menggunakan Kartu) Acquirer issued by Bank DebitIndonesia 
2009 Officially Finnet provide services for bill payment Payment Aggregator Telkomsel (Kartu Halo) in the same year , Finnet began providing Clearing and Settlement Operations for the new joint link 
2010 Finnet launched in 2010 as an Internet Payment Gateway Finpay , is a system prepared for the online Merchant in making payment online at the web portal FinChannel Services and Mobile Cash launched this year 
2011 Finnet develop emoney platform this year for online transactions 
2012 Finnet began developing other platforms emoney for offline transactions 
2013 Finnet become the one switcher for prepaid vouchers mobile cellular as a national program led byTelkomsel. 

Got a license PCI DSS compliance, as a condition of the transaction data security of credit and debit card holders.

Implementation of e-Kiosk service Kemenkumham

Finnet becoming member ALTO as the acquirer, issuer and Beneficiery

Finnet Expanding international remittance in Taiwan, Japan and Malaysia with cooperating partners PEGADAIAN as domestic cash out point.

Finnet awarded the best financial performance in 2014 by TelkomMetra


Development of vending machine services KAI for ticket purchase.

BeingTelkomsel aggregator prepaid for channel bank.

Being acquirer provider tcash tap.

Service PHRI in Papua.

Being BTN switching providers for payment services BPJS KS

Application providers LAKUPANDAI for BTN

Goes to Capital Market by issuing MTN Finnet 2015

Finnet awarded the best revenue contributor in 2015 by TelkomMetra