Bill Payment Aggregator

MultiBiller Billing

a. Telecommunication Services bill: 

  • Postpaid
  • Prepaid

b. Telecommunication Services bill 

c. PLN bill  

d. PDAM bill

e.  Multi Finance bill. 

f. Delima: 

  • Delima Point
  • Delima Mobile
  • Delima Kiosk

f. Stasiun Pulsa 


Bill Payment Aggregator

  • Providing aggregator payment collection for the biller and merchant.
  • Supply and build channels of payment (Payment Channel) to customer (Biller).
  • Providing channel services payments (payment channel), for example Delima who have service
  • Money transfer (remittance), PPOB & CPA (Cash Point Agent).

Electronic Payment Platform

a. Delima Remittance 

b. T-Money 

c. e-Money Whitelabel / co branding 

Electronic Payment Platform

  • Provides a platform for the implementation e-Money services online as well as offline.
  • Providing payment processing platform (clearing & settlement service) and acquiring service for debit and credit cards.
  • Providing e-ticketing solutions (transport, e-toll, tourism, etc.) are integrated with a variety of source offund (e-money, debit, credit). 

Online Payment Solution

a. Finpay 

  • Finpay Link
  • Finpay Invoice
  • Finpay Code

b. Online Payment System PHRI  

Online Payment Solution

  • Provides e-Commerce payment solutions for the merchant and the online>
  • Providing e-wallet solutions for a variety of electronic transactions.
  • Providing integrated solutions of tax monitoring and electronic payments online.